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Online Gambling: Stake it all to take it all

Online Gambling: Stake it all to take it all

Online Gambling: Stake it all to take it all


Centuries after centuries, people and their habits have kept changing. But if there is one thing that has remained constant throughout, it is the age-old activity of gambling. People wager something they own to win prize money against an uncertain event. The odds being in your favour are entirely based on luck. Gambling is not only done using money but also game pieces such as marbles, dice malaysia slot game, cards, etc. It has progressed from being a mere hobby to becoming a commercial million-dollar market. With today’s ever-growing technology, gambling has also started online; all at the ease of your fingertips, out-performing in-person casinos and gambling houses.

Guide on How to Stake Low and Win Big


  • Online poker – Poker is a game played with cards. Since the 1990s, it is being played online too. Players can enter these with even a small amount like $2 and at any time, withdraw the money won by them.
  • Online Casino – A casino is a facility where people usually gamble money by playing several games like slots, blackjack, roulette, etc. The online version of these is called Online/virtual casinos. They are of two types: Web-based online casinos and Download-based online casinos.
  • Online sports betting – Sports betting is the activity of choosing a sports team and then betting on their victory. It also extends to non-athletic events like reality shows and elections and is popular in non-human events like horse racing.


Fun facts

  • Gambling is well-known among all genders.
  • The average age of online casino gamblers varies from 30 to 40 years.
  • Your winnings depend on chance rather than the size of the bet you place.

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How legal is it?

The legality of gambling online varies across countries and states. The legal issues concerning this are still complicated in countries like India, where different state laws regulate gambling. However, according to the verdict of the Supreme Court of India, Rummy is legal as it is a game of skill and is not considered gambling.

In Poland, gambling online is allowed only on site under a Polish license, while it is altogether banned in Russia by the Russian legislation.

The United States too has a complicated stand on this subject and has mostly declared it illegal. But different states allow only certain types of gambling online. For eg: Michigan allows all forms of it whereas Florida allows only horse racing and fantasy sports.



  • Research has found high levels of mental health issues and substance use cases among online gamblers.
  • Unsupervised online and electronic transfers lead to money laundering by thieves.
  • Difficult to verify the authenticity of websites leading to online scams


If you want to try your luck at making instant money, then online gambling can be considered only a part-time hobby. But we must have self-control and know our limits as getting addicted can lead to many other problems. Keeping in mind its varying legality status, it is ok to sometimes go ahead and put your stakes and bingo! Hit the jackpot.